Methodenheft, Englisch: Beyond Growth – Limits and alternatives to economic growth

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Economic growth promises to create jobs, alleviate poverty, achieve and secure prosperity, stabilize the political system, resolve the euro crisis. And yet, the economy cannot grow without consuming natural resources. Increasing amounts of raw materials are being extracted, processed using oil and other energy sources, transported vast distances, used, and one day thrown away and disposed of. What is more, there is a close connection between growth and the steady increase in emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2. This is most vividly illustrated by the rapid advance of climate change: growth is running into ecological limits. Our system’s inherent compulsion to grow is barely even questioned. To a very large extent, the growth mentality permeates and shapes our everyday thoughts and actions. Meanwhile, more and more studies are calling into question the relationship between growth and prosperity, and in particular how it affects life satisfaction. On top of this, in light of the blatantly unfair distribution of material wealth among the planet’s population, the issue of global justice cannot be ignored. We must look beyond growth.

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